A Note From the Library: Max Thorek and Testicular Transplantation

One thought on “A Note From the Library: Max Thorek and Testicular Transplantation”

  1. Houdini the genius greatest magician in history -and my childhood -idol and escape artist and towards the end of his life was in contact with Dr.Max.in person as well as letters some of which still exist. I saw in a video a quick view of a typed letter by Houdini to Dr.Max!
    Houdini was tired his body had old injuries from all his grueling escapes. He found dr Max was developing rejuvenation methods featuring testes from monkeys and Houdini’s tired body motivated him to make contact.
    What isn’t widely known Dr BJ Palmer another rare genius who developed chiropractic met Hondini and took him through his school and lab. Houdini saw Palmers clinic not the one that was created in the 1930s. He was greatly impressed.

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