NASA at the IMSS

Students get hands-on learning at our STEM Camp programs!

Sponsored by NASA Glenn Research Center

NASA is taking a leading role in the effort to inspire interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics through its unique mission, workforce, facilities, research, and innovations. Students, educators and faculty may explore and experience unique space and aeronautics content through NASA’s education opportunities. The International Museum of Surgical Science is a proud grant recipient of NASA Glenn Out-of-School Time Opportunities, allowing us to serve our local community with these low-cost or free programs. These NASA educational opportunities serve 5th – 8th-grade students who are underserved and underrepresented in the STEM fields.

Upcoming Programs:

2018 Winter Saturday Camp: Powered and Pumped Up

Saturdays, December 30-March 3, 2018

Students entering 6th, 7th, 8th grades

The International Museum of Surgical Science is proud to offer this NASA Saturday Camp program to serve those currently underrepresented and underserved in STEM education or fields. This program aims to achieve NASA science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education goals. This content includes the NASA Glenn Engineering Design Challenge (EDC): Powered and Pumped Up, through which students have the opportunity to work on real-world challenges in a collaborative, team-based environment. Students will apply lessons learned to solve problems that STEM professionals face while gaining a deeper knowledge of how NASA is a part of their everyday lives.
Educator-led team-based projects will include:

  • Shed Some Light – Use mirrors to reflect light and learn about focusing energy to a desired location.
  • How Intense Are You? – Learn how light intensity changes as you move away from the source.
  • What’s the Point? – Explore how lenses can be used to manipulate light.
  • Powered and Pumped Up – design, build and improve a stand-alone solar-powered
    pumping system to move water as quickly as possible between two containers.

Contact Catherine White at or 312-642-6502 ext. 3120 for more information.