March 31, 2022 – May 8, 2022

Opening Reception: Thursday, March 31, 2022, 6-8pm. Free and open to the public.

Advances in computer graphics and imaging are generating new opportunities to aid in understanding the rapidly evolving discoveries in both science and healthcare. Masters students in the University of Illinois at Chicago Biomedical Visualization Program (BVIS) strive to harness these advancements through visual communication. The Student Association of Medical Artists (SAMA) organizes and curates the work for the SAMA Art Exhibition each year. This exhibition is an opportunity for first and second-year BVIS students to display their current works of art that are both beautiful and accurate in scientific detail. These pieces feature a wide array of scientific and medical subjects targeting audiences diverse in education, age, and occupation. Oftentimes, these works begin on paper and are then taken into digital media to become professional illustrations, graphic designs, animations, or interactive applications. The broad range of work that BVIS graduate students create is an integral part of communicating new discoveries in science and medicine. This year is particularly exciting for BVIS as we are celebrating our program’s centennial. 

About the Biomedical Visualization Graduate Program at the University of Illinois at Chicago: Founded in 1921 by Professor Thomas Smith Jones, the Biomedical Visualization program (BVIS) at the University of Illinois at Chicago is the second oldest accredited school of its kind and one of only four accredited graduate programs in North America providing professional training for careers in the visual communication of life science, medicine, and healthcare. With a renowned faculty and a curriculum that keeps pace with advances in science and technology, UIC’s Biomedical Visualization program attracts graduate students from a variety of disciplines including medicine, life science, art, sculpture, digital media, and computer science.

About the Student Association of Medical Artists at the University of Illinois at Chicago: The Student Association of Medical Artists (SAMA) was founded in 2006 by students of the Biomedical Visualization graduate program (BVIS) at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). The goal of SAMA is to enhance professional development, interdisciplinary collaboration, and the quality of student life at UIC by giving students access to the support and information they need to be successful. SAMA holds regular meetings, assists with the orientation and mentoring of new students, connects current students with alumni, and hosts social and service events to help educate young students in the Chicagoland community about the field of Biomedical Visualization. Organized by SAMA, the annual SAMA Art Exhibition is an opportunity for all current BVIS students to share their work with the community and foster new innovation in the field.

Participating Artists:

(Class of 2022) Sydney Agger, Ana Beiriger, Shiyu Chen, Olivia De Kok, Ben Halverson, Yu-Sin Huang, Anne Hughes, Xiaotian Jiao, Hailey Jorgensen, Natalie Krug, Yilin Li, Marli Markovitz, Delaney Maxwell, Hannah Montague, Ryan Nini, Allison Pardieck, Sara Rutkowski, Shelby Saboo, Maryam Shabbir, Brenna Tremp, Kayla Vasquez

(Class of 2023) Luca Brunozzi, Caroline Chatfield, Odelia Cheng, April Damon, Nina Eckstein, Lauren Elder, Sofia Garcia Martinez, Amy Hoang, Madeleine Howell-Moroney, Dalena Huynh, Aven Jones, Hannah Koffman, SoYoung Kwon, Clara Lee, Joseph Majalca, Laurel Moore, Lauren Muskara, Delilah Przybyla, Sydney Sieh-Takata, Eliza Stierle, Katherine Tran

The International Museum of Surgical Science acknowledges support from the Illinois Arts Council Agency.