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Knowledge of many different tools and techniques for wound cleansing, closure, debridement, dressing and bandaging have been documented throughout the ancient world. From the use of herbal ointments and therapeutic clays among prehistoric hunter-gatherers to Galen’s treatment of injured gladiators in Ancient Rome, the care of wounds is among the earliest applications of medicine.The adoption of the Germ Theory of Disease in the late 19th century allowed physicians to improve significantly on traditional methods of wound care, and while traditional methods remain highly reliable, wound care is also a rapidly advancing field. To illuminate the current state of wound healing practices, this exhibition prominently features ground-breaking medical materials and emerging biotechnological innovations – state of the art solutions to one of humankind’s most ancient ails.

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Header Image: “Achilles tending Patroclus wounded by an arrow” (Detail), (c.500 BC.)